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The very popular Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustrierte published a thank you note to our chatbot Sophia on it’s first double page and had a rose delivered to the Kona Connect team! Our founder Rhiana Spring’s portrait was printed right next to Elton John, Ed Sheeran, Paris Hilton, John Legend, and Madonna.

Here’s the article translated into English:

“She is always available and has advice – like a good friend! But Sophia is not a human being, she’s a chat robot. She was developed by human rights expert Rhiana Spring from Bern. Her computer programme helps victims of domestic violence in abusive situations. Sophia can be reached easily and anonymously via messenger services such as WhatsApp or Telegram. She can collect evidence and provide contact details for women’s shelters – without leaving any digital trace. This is how victim support works in the digital age! We will send our rose analogue nevertheless.”

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Who is Sophia?

Sophia helps survivors of domestic violence worldwide gather potential evidence of the abuse and seek help. Find out the different ways how you can chat to her on our Sophia project page.