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At Spring ACT, our volunteers are extremely valuable. Not only help us make our voices heard but also take action against domestic violence with us. In this article, we introduce you to our volunteers who work as our translators from all over the world.


Why is social justice important to you?

Yes, of course it’s important. 

Why did you decide to join/volunteer for Spring ACT?

I found the post that you were searching for volunteers to translate the chat to Ukrainian from one of my acquaintances. I wanted Ukrainian women to have more options to deal with domestic violence. I had some spare time I could dedicate towards it and knew the language. If it is helpful for at least one person, I’m glad I had a possibility to contribute. You’re doing an amazing job, it was nice to be able to do a small part of it for a bit.

Her Bio: 

She is a Law Graduate and throughout her studies, she has been part of ELSA – The European Law Students’ Association – in which she worked for 6 years, specifically last year as a Director for Welfare of ELSA International. In her professional life, she works as an Accounting Assistant at Millhouse Logistics. Throughout her studies, and still today, she always had a proactive, feminist position with a keen sense of justice. She always wanted to take on the opportunity to make her contribution to the human rights organisation aimed to help people who suffered from abuse.


Why is social justice important to you?

I need fairness and equity in all aspect of life .I need freedom,happiness,trust and respect. 

Why did you decide to join/volunteer for Spring ACT?

My experience relying on SRH and fighting against GBV. I was interested on the use of technology towards supporting survivors of Domestic Violence as part of my contribution to Spring ACT, by editing, proofreading chatbot (SOPHIA)  in Kiswahili. 

His bio: Costantine is  from Tanzania, MPH, B.A. Education and Diploma in Education, with more than 12 years working experience in the NGOs sector. Experience and Skilled in Budgeting, Proposal writing, Organization Development and management, grants management, monitoring and evaluation, Analytical Skills.  Working in the field of  Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights, HIV/AIDS ,GBV & Child Rights ,HIV/AIDS counselling and trainer,  supportive supervision, youth empowerment, life skills, capacity building for local NGOs , education, leadership, research and baseline survey.


Why is social justice important to you?

I care about my work making a positive change. Therefore, I prioritise working with entrepreneurs and companies that are committed to ethical business practices and develop products and services that benefit the society. I am especially proud of my collaboration with Shiran Mlamdovsky Somech, a social tech entrepreneur, who was deeply involved in the launch of Sophia along with SpringACT and other partners, and with GOSH Open Science DAO, a start-up that develops a more transparent and accessible funding and reviewing platform for science researchers. 

In 2007, I established my language studio, LinguaCom, with the purpose to bridge gaps between people of different cultures and backgrounds. Today, the studio runs diverse projects, including consulting, academic help, translation and teacher training.

Why did you decide to join/volunteer for Spring ACT?

It was a privilege for me to volunteer to translate a small part of 

I decided to do so as a little contribution towards women’s safety. Unfortunately, even in my closest circle of friends, there were cases of domestic violence. Helplessness is a desperate feeling. I wanted to do something that was in my power to contribute to the projects that fight this horrific phenomenon. 

Her bio: Having a background in technology (Tech Writing diploma), business (over 10 years in the translation field), and academic fields (BA Psychology, BA Literature and language, MA Special Education + over 5 years work in colleges and universities), as well as familiarity with design and video production processes (collaboration with media projects). Also, she is multilingual in 7 languages and speak 3 of them on a native level.



Why is social justice important to you?

I believe every person deserves to feel safe and protected to be able to thrive! Providing support for people to find their strength is an amazing opportunity to make a difference in society. We all deserve an opportunity to have positive experiences and live a happy life, regardless of our backgrounds. 

Why did you decide to join/volunteer for Spring ACT?

I learned about Spring ACT through an opportunity to participate in the translation of Sophia. I love the idea of providing help through technology, as it can reach many people. Being a part of a project that has a positive impact on people’s lives is the most fulfilling thing. I hope to participate in many more wonderful projects with Spring ACT!

Her bio: Viktoriia is a student of Bachelor’s in Liberal Arts in Humanities. She is keen for learning about human experiences through culture, languages, and literature. She is also actively participating in projects and training that are targeted towards finding and creating ways of helping people with mental health and social adaptation. Translating Sophia to Russian is very important to her, since it makes such a valuable resource available to more people who may need it. 


Why is social justice important to you?

We are all humans with the same basic needs for equality, love, safety, security, and respect among others. It is in a fair, safe and harmonious environment that we can be ourselves and thrive in the very short amount of time that is given to us on this earth. In the imperfect world that we live in, that is not really the case however. And yet, it also does not mean that nothing can be done to improve the situation. As citizens of the world, each one of us has the responsibility to be good, do good, and take steps, no matter big or small, to support each other to live better. Simply put, I want to see more happy people around me living in peace and harmony, and thriving instead of suffering unfairly and/or endlessly.

Why did you decide to join/volunteer for Spring ACT?

Because I saw an opportunity to contribute in my own way to the fight against social injustice and to help people, women in particular, who find themselves or their loved ones in vulnerable situations. As a fellow woman who sees, hears, and feels the heartbreaking and infuriating injustice happening against women every day around the world, I feel empowered and happy to be able to act. Plus, the fact that SpringACT is using technology to provide assistance to those in need was the cherry on top, given my interest in IT 

Her bio: Sabah has studied International Design & Hospitality Management for her bachelor’s and International Business Administration for her master’s at Swiss universities. She is interested in technology and the digital world and is about to kick start her career in a multinational IT company in Germany. Sabah volunteered for Sophia since she felt as a woman and as a fellow human being it is only right to take action against (domestic) violence in her own way and enjoys seeing how artificial intelligence is used to make a positive social impact globally. Sabah speaks Farsi, English, German, and a bit of French, and in her free time, she enjoys reading, travelling, photography, and spending time with loved ones. 


Why is social justice important to you?

It is important to me because it gives equal opportunity to access justice, to access economic, political, and social opportunities to everyone.

Why did you decide to join/volunteer for Spring ACT?

For me, it’s more than a duty to serve others. As long as the opportunity arises and I am capable of doing it, I will take the chance.

So, joining Spring for me was first to help other women who are victims of domestic violence or those who are at risk of domestic violence to access the right information and support. Secondly, to become aware of how technology can play a major role in preventing domestic violence/gender-based violence, and thirdly to become conversant with how to use Sophia’s chatbot.


Her bio: Senior design strategist and human-centered business designer with 15+ years of experience in the design of products, brands, and design education. Today she carries out brand experience, product innovation, and leading R&D projects in design to provide a personal perspective on understanding the world of competitive intelligence and the role of design in market and user insight generation. She loves kindness!


His bio: He is a young professional who is dynamic, self-motivated and committed.  He has plenty of community, leadership, professional and volunteer experience. His academic qualification includes a B.A. Sociology with skills and experience in project coordination, programming, planning, mobilization, implementation, monitoring, evaluating and reporting of community health programs. He is currently doing  Masters in Public Health-Muhimbili University of Health and Allied Science.