Our vision is to empower people through innovative technologies to take action and help eliminate global social injustices. We are a multi-award winning, Swiss-based global non-profit organisation run by a dedicated and diverse team, based on our values of empowerment, curiosity, inclusiveness, impact, integrity, compassion, and fun (read more). We developed and launched โ€œSophiaโ€ โ€“ the global chatbot empowering people suffering from domestic violence to gather potential evidence and seek help 24/7, in every country in the world, anonymously and without leaving a digital trace (read more). In implementing its vision, always seeks to connect and work together with those affected by global social injustices by understanding their needs and engaging them in the creation of solutions. Together we can make a difference and help end domestic violence. Check out the team you will be joining here.


Our aim is to ensure that we can offer long-term, active support to people suppering of domestic violence through our chatbot โ€œSophiaโ€, regardless of where they are in the world. We are looking for you to join and empower our global team and together help end global social injustices. This is where you come in!

You are/have:

  • Dedicated to helping eliminate global social injustices and creating impact.
  • Enjoy working in a fast-paced environment of a young start-up.
  • Enjoy problem-solving and working independently as well as part of a larger team.
  • Have a self-starter work ethic.
  • Enjoy being part of an international and dedicated team.
  • Have significant experience or skills in your field.

We cannot wait to start working with you and welcome you to our team!

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