<build> confidence. </end> sexism.

Join our upcoming Impact Hackathon “Hacking Global Injustices: <build> confidence. </end> sexism.”
8 – 10 March 

UPDATE: now virtual

WHY: Be part of the ACT movement and help develop a tool that empowers people to bust the imposter syndrome and combat everyday sexism with humour! We’ve successfully developed “Sophia“, a global chatbot designed to empower victims of domestic violence. Now, we are setting our sights on creating a tool that addresses the underlying societal issues contributing to gender-based violence. And YOU can be part of this movement!
WHAT: Join us for a 3 day event in the heart of London where 50 individuals passionate about social justice get together to develop a tool that empowers individuals to take action and help eliminate global social injustices.
WHAT: Join us for a 3 day event in the heart of London where 50 individuals passionate about social justice get together to develop a tool that empowers individuals to take action and help eliminate global social injustices.

8 – 10 March 2024 online

HOW:  In our really cool online Hacker Space, we’ll be hacking away at a solution to help end violence against women for 3 days. Apply via the form below to be part of this unique experience! We look forward to meeting you!

In More Detail

Welcome to this year’s Hackathon “Hacking Global Injustices:
<build> confidence. </end> sexism.” 

An innovative and inclusive event addressing the critical issues of the imposter syndrome and sexism. The urgency to tackle these pervasive challenges has led to the creation of this hackathon, aiming to develop tangible solutions through technology and collaboration.

The Global Challenge: Imposter Syndrome and Sexism

The imposter syndrome, a psychological phenomenon affecting individuals across diverse backgrounds and achievements, has the potential to hinder personal growth and self-esteem. Recognising the widespread impact of this phenomenon, the Comeback Catz Hackathon seeks comprehensive solutions to mitigate the effects of imposter syndrome and empower individuals to realise their full potential.

Sexism, deeply ingrained in various facets of life, continues to persist as a pervasive issue affecting women in employment, education, social interactions, and broader societal structures. To counteract this deeply rooted problem, the hackathon aims to confront instances of sexism head-on, fostering awareness, education, and the pursuit of gender equality. The collective endeavour seeks to create a more equitable and just global society, unconditionally inclusive of individuals of all genders.

The Mission: Develop an MVP to Empower Change

The focal point of the Hackathon is the development of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) designed to tackle both the imposter syndrome and sexism through gamification and humour. The app will serve as a multifaceted tool, raising awareness, providing education, and fostering a culture of inclusivity and equity.

Key Objectives:

  1. Raise Awareness: Develop features that educate users about the prevalence and impact of imposter syndrome and sexism, fostering a deeper understanding of these issues.
  2. Educational Resources: Integrate resources such as articles, videos, and interactive content to provide users with the knowledge and tools needed to overcome imposter syndrome and contribute to dismantling sexism.
  3. Community Building: Create interactive features that encourage users to share their experiences, connect with like-minded individuals, and build a supportive community dedicated to overcoming challenges related to imposter syndrome and sexism.
  4. Empowerment: Implement strategies that empower individuals to recognise their own worth and potential, enabling them to overcome imposter syndrome and actively contribute to the eradication of sexism.


We envision societies where individuals, regardless of background or gender, are empowered to overcome the imposter syndrome and collectively work towards eradicating sexism. The outcome of the Hackathon aims to foster a more supportive and just society, where everyone’s contributions are valued, celebrated, and recognised.

Create Change Together: 

Join us in this collective effort to leverage technology and innovation for positive social change. Let’s build a future where individuals can rise above the imposter syndrome, and together, we create a world free from the constraints of sexism. Hacking Global Injustices: Empowering Change, Building a Just Society.

Who We’re Looking For:

  • Mentors
  • Tech Professionals (Developers, Engineers, etc.)
  • UX Designers
  • Gamification Experts
  • Gamers with a passion for social change
  • Product Managers with a vision for impactful products
  • Legal Professionals with insights on compliance and privacy
  • Creative Minds (Artists, Comedians, Writers)
  • Researchers in gender studies, psychology, or social sciences
  • AI Experts with a knack for innovative solutions
  • Business Managers who understand the market needs



Hackathon Application

Apply now to be one of the 50 participants at this year's Hackathon


Join our Hackathon in the heart of London and help mentor 50 individuals passionate about social justice and tech.
Your involvement and mentorship will mean the world to us and the participants.
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 “Hacking Global Injustices: <build> confidence. </end> sexism.”
8 – 10 March online
Application deadline: Sunday 3 March at midnight GMT
We cannot WAIT to start hacking global injustices with you!

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Join our partner companies alongside LSE, Microsoft, and QTA who are making this event and our work possible. We would be delighted to join forces with your company too. Get in touch with our Coordinator Simon Sundaraj-Kuhn (he/him) at sundaraj-kuhn@springact.org to receive our partnership package.

No you don't! As well as developers, we're looking for comedians, writers, UX designers, legal professionals, product managers and many more.

Short answer Yes.
Long answer: to be able to create the biggest impact together and keep the energy going over these three days, we all need to begin and finish this journey together.

Unfortunately, we do not offer accommodation. Participants will need to sort their overnight stays on Friday and Saturday themselves, as we cannot stay in the innovation centre past 10pm.

This is a volunteer position with no compensation. Drinks and food will be provided throughout the event.

Join our Impact Hackathon by applying via the form below before 18 February midnight GMT!