Help us realise our projects by sharing your expertise and resources and thus contributing an important building block.

Become a Puzzle Solver

Instead of getting tangled up in bureaucratic mazes, we partner with companies that can offer resources rather than cash (when possible), to provide practical services to our projects. This means that you just continue to do what you do best and at the same time share part of this expertise with the relevant project.

We envision partnerships in which each party brings their expertise to the table to efficiently and effectively create practical tools for the community at a minimum cost.

Imagine it as a large jigsaw puzzle. We could spend our time looking for people and companies to pay for the puzzle pieces to be assembled. Or we could all partner up and each of us tackles the corner of the puzzle which we know best. Through this collective effort, we meet in the middle and complete the picture in half the time to everyone’s benefit.

So, is this for you?

Have you been looking for an opportunity to meaningfully play a part in the solution to today’s societal problems? Not sure what you could offer specifically? We’re glad you asked!

To bring our current project to life we are looking for a(n):

Resource Partner to provide server space to securely store the files of domestic abuse survivors.

Partner Organisation working with domestic violence survivors that can help adapt Sophia to local laws and practices and help her help victims and survivors.

Advocacy Partner who can introduce Sophia to the right people who need her most.