Spring ACT partners with volunteers and companies with relevant specialities to efficiently bring needed services to people in vulnerable situations.

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What’s it like to volunteer with Spring ACT?

Becoming a volunteer with Spring ACT means you will be joining a global movement of proactive individuals aiding vulnerable people in changing their status quo. You’ll get to meet other people actively advancing human rights together through innovative technologies. You’ll make a real contribution in globally advancing human rights with specific focus on women’s rights.

Spring ACT also provides the opportunity for students to gain experience in real-life projects with stakes and for professionals to contribute the skills and talents that they have acquired to help people in vulnerable situations. We’re thrilled to have all hands on deck and your active contribution with your time, skills, and ideas. So we make it as easy as possible for you to start. You can help the volunteer team from the comfort of your home and on your own time. From programming to research and PR, at Spring ACT we’re always cooking up something new and would be thrilled to have you and your unique skill set on board.

Here are our volunteers’ 4 reasons to join our team

1. Be Part of a Collective Design

We aim to be an open book on new technologies. You get a say on new technologies helping people around the world. Our toolkits and guides are crowdsourced to pool the knowledge and experience of survivors, experts, and people from across four continents. Our network of volunteers spans the world and can seamlessly suggest, start and collaborate on new projects. The more numerous we are, the more impact we can make.

2. Co-Create Impactful Technological Solutions

We view technology as a potential tool in improving people’s lives. Increasing flows of information, safely forming connections with like-minded individuals, and providing resources for vulnerable women are goals that push forward our innovative approach to technological solutions.

3. Flexible Volunteerism

Far from micromanaging, we allow you to set your own tasks and modulate your contribution. You can establish connections with us via our virtual collaboration platform and the location and time of your choosing.

4. Joyful Spirit

Breaking down the structures of patriarchy and oppression is difficult and emotionally draining work. We seek to find purpose not only through our mission but also through humour and solidarity. We might be driven and determined, but we all need to boost ourselves with the gifs, memes, and jokes that make the day more bearable.

Here’s what our volunteers have said about us.