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In 2012, the world witnessed the birth of a movement that would transform the act of giving into a universal celebration—#GivingTuesday. With its roots deeply embedded in an open and dispersed leadership style, this movement believes in the power of transformative relationships. Today, it stands as a beacon, guiding millions of givers from every corner of the globe, including the heart of Switzerland, where #GivingTuesdayCH resonates with a spirit of diversity and inclusivity.


This is more than just a movement; it’s a community—a tapestry woven with threads of unassuming generosity. The vision is clear: to craft a civil society that embodies the ideals of shared giving, a network of local leaders from over 80 nations and countless communities uniting to collaborate, innovate, and inspire collective benevolence.


Participating in #GivingTuesday is as simple as a warm smile or a friendly gesture. Pay it forward by covering the next person’s order at the coffee shop, leaving a surprise gift card at the gas pump, or tucking a grocery store gift card and a note in a shopping basket. Share your love for a business by leaving a glowing online review—little acts that ripple with kindness.


Giving extends beyond currency; it’s about the nourishment of hearts and souls. Support nonprofits aligned with your values, including those grassroots organisations making a local impact. Create a Little Free Pantry or organise a Community Fridge in your neighbourhood. Volunteer at the local food pantry or distribute sack lunches to those in need. The act of giving nourishment is a powerful force that binds us all.


Time, a priceless commodity, becomes a catalyst for connection and impact. Offer a helping hand to neighbours in need, whether it’s with yard work or other chores. Initiate rent relief programs or surprise a new mom with a homemade lasagna. Start a community project—a garden, public artwork—where time becomes a shared investment in a brighter future.


Kindness, the universal language of the heart, requires no translation. A kind word can set off a chain of generosity that resonates throughout the day. Move beyond a simple “like” and shower those around you with positive feedback, compliments, and gratitude. The smallest gestures can spark a cascade of joy.


Talents, too, are gifts waiting to be shared. Teach a dance or yoga class to uplift spirits. Utilise your professional skills to assist nonprofits in their mission. Teach friends new skills, like knitting, and use those talents to create warmth for those in need.


Voice, a potent tool for change, amplifies the impact of giving. Share your favourite cause on social media, contact elected officials to advocate for fair policies and social services funding, and spread the word to friends and family about #GivingTuesday.


Our commitment to the Earth is an integral part of this global celebration. Join initiatives like Tuesdays4Trash, clean up your local corner, organise a beach cleanup, pledge to reduce waste, and plant a tree on #GivingTuesday to contribute to the well-being of our planet.


As we celebrate #GivingTuesday, let’s envision together many more years of vitality by embracing each day with optimism, aspiration, and humility. Join us in #GivingTuesday by dedicating a moment to support ACT’s mission of eradicating social injustices worldwide by becoming a supporter: .


Together, we can create a world where giving knows no bounds and kindness reigns supreme as eloquently stated by Spring ACT, Founder and CEO, Rhiana Spring – “Changes is quite literally in your hands!


Written by Simon Sundaraj Kühn and SPRING ACT