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In the dynamic realm of technology and its profound capacity for catalysing positive societal transformations, our esteemed Spring ACT founder, Rhiana, has been bestowed with the extraordinary honour of serving as a keynote speaker and panellist at various Tech and Social Impact conferences across the globe this year. Beyond the incredible privilege of fostering collaboration and gleaning insights from industry trailblazers, Rhiana’s involvement has played a pivotal role in steering conversations towards the transformative potential of technology, effectively bridging the gap towards positive social change.

A notable highlight transpired in March when Rhiana graced the stage at Google’s ‘Tech for Social Good’ conference in Zurich, marking a significant milestone for Spring ACT. Aside from spotlighting the impactful initiatives of Spring ACT, Rhiana had the unique privilege of curating a panel, contributing to a profound discourse on technology and its capacity for fostering positive social development.

This thought-provoking panel, featuring luminaries such as ACT Partner, Sandino Scheidegger, ACT Advisor, Hilda Liswani, and Evelyn Loeu, delved into the core of social inequalities, exploring how technology can act as a potent catalyst for meaningful change. Topics spanned the intersection of human rights and technology to the pressing challenges faced by survivors of domestic violence. Powered by the sobering statistic of 736 million domestic violence survivors, the discussion served as a powerful reminder of the nuanced considerations essential in addressing such societal issues. This conference not only provided Spring ACT with a robust start to the year but also served as an invaluable opportunity to propel the dialogue on technology and positive social change.

Fast forward to November, Rhiana received a prestigious invitation to speak at the 2023 Web Summit, the largest tech summit globally, held in Lisbon. Sharing the stage with luminaries like Dr. Wladimir Klitschko, Roberto Carlos, Gilberto Silva, and Chelsea Manning, Rhiana explored how AI is revolutionising technology and human potential for positive social change. The event, a celebration of technological advancements, offered a hopeful reminder of the transformative power of AI as a force for innovation, pushing boundaries for the betterment of society.

November also witnessed Rhiana’s keynote address at the ‘US Latino Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence’ forum. As a prominent non-profit dedicated to improving the lives of Latino and immigrant families impacted by domestic and sexual violence, Rhiana’s insights highlighted how AI can enhance social work, aligning seamlessly with the noble endeavours of the non-profit. This marked a fitting conclusion to a remarkable year for Spring ACT, emphasising the critical need to adapt technology to the fields of human rights and social work.

In reflection, Rhiana’s global journey in 2023 serves as a powerful testament to the transformative potential of technology in fostering positive social change. As we embark on a new year, the reverberations of the dialogues initiated by Rhiana and Spring ACT continue to resonate. With unwavering hope, we look towards a future where innovation and technology synergize for the advancement of impactful social change.

Written by Natalie Brabben for Spring ACT