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In the shadows of a world grappling with the challenges of a pandemic, on 10 December 2021, a glimmer of light emerged. Spring ACT – Action. Compassion. Technology. unveiled Sophia, the world’s first chatbot for survivors of domestic violence. Today, as we celebrate International Human Rights Day, we reflect on the profound impact of Sophia, a symbol of hope and empowerment.

A Vision Rooted in Empowerment

Why Sophia? In a global initiative to combat domestic violence, we needed a name transcending borders, providing survivors with a safe space. “Sophia,” derived from the Greek word for wisdom, epitomises the strength needed to overcome adversity.

Spring ACT, an award-winning Swiss-based nonprofit, envisions empowering individuals through innovative technologies. With values of empowerment, curiosity, inclusiveness, impact, integrity, compassion, and fun, we birthed Sophia, a 24/7, anonymous chatbot, now available in 12 languages with 50 more languages in the near future.

24,000+, 12+ Languages, One Mission

Since its inception, over 24,000 people have found solace in Sophia’s virtual embrace. Our journey is not a solitary one; we collaborate with those affected, weaving their experiences into the fabric of our solutions.

On the International Human Rights Day, themed “Consolidating and Sustaining Human Rights Culture into the Future,” we reaffirm our commitment to the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Sophia echoes this declaration, ensuring every individual, regardless of background, has access to support.

A Mosaic of Accolades and Achievements

Our commitment to innovation has garnered accolades from prestigious platforms, including the SIT Award from the European Investment Bank (EIB Institute), SEIF/SENS, the Swiss Future Prize from the President of Switzerland, EU Awards from the Innovation in Politics Institute, the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, and among others. From Geneva to San Francisco, Sophia has left an indelible mark on the global stage.

The journey has not been without challenges, but our resilience shines through, as exemplified by our recognition as a semi-finalist in MIT Solve 2022 and runner-up in the Swiss Fem Biz Award. Each accolade signifies a step closer to our goal: a world free from domestic violence.

Join the Global ACT Community

As we look forward, our call to action is simple: join our international team of 80 ACTivists and be a part of something bigger. Help us amplify the voices of survivors and advocate for a world where no one lives in fear. Let’s connect technologies and human rights, eliminating global injustices!

On this International Human Rights Day, let’s reflect on the progress made and remember that every action counts towards the road ahead. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights reminds us that our shared values transcend borders. With Sophia by our side, is not just a chatbot; it’s a lifeline, a symbol of resilience, and a light in the dark, for we are not just witnesses; we are active participants in building a future where compassion and technology unite in action to bring about positive societal change.

Together, we can make a real difference. Join us in our movement to eliminate global injustices, one empowered survivor at a time, and let’s pave the way for a world where human rights are not just celebrated on December 10th but embedded in the fabric of our daily lives.

Remember! “Change is quite literally in your hands!” – Rhiana Spring, Founder and CEO (Spring ACT)

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Written by Simon Sundaraj Kuhn with Spring ACT